Gender & Sexuality

gender identity counselling

How we can help…

Accessing support for gender and sexuality issues can be difficult and when there are cultural challenges as well the process can be overwhelming.  We provide a safe non-judgmental therapeutic space.  If you would like to find out more about gender identity counselling and the support that we offer get in touch and book an initial consultation.

Gender Identity Counselling – Adults

Many groups have suffered prejudice based on their religion, skin colour, race, sexuality and gender throughout  human history. In the UK, it is no longer illegal to live your life based on your identity. Adults have the right to be treated equally under the law and in society. As adults, discrimination and negative experiences of sexuality can manifest later on in life. Processing our hurt, experiences of prejudice, rejection and sometimes violence due to our sexuality is necessary to console childhood trauma.

Gender and Sexuality – Young People

Stigma, bullying, isolation and violence from others could be some of the experiences that young people with gender and/or sexual identity face. They may feel depressed and even suicidal if they are unsupported at a time when they are struggling to fit in.   It is important to ensure that the young person feels supported and has access to relevant information so thatthey can make informed choices.

Coming Out

Coming out can be a very difficult process and you may experience a feeling of being different or not fitting in.  There may be a fear of rejection by those closest to you which makes disclosing your sexuality even harder.  Sometimes there are reasons associated with cultural acceptance which makes the process of disclosure even more difficult.  We are sensitive to the challenges that you may face.   


Questioning your Gender or Sexuality

Many people question their sexuality at some point in their lives. Whilst most people will relate to a particular sexual orientation during adolescence, you may also find yourself questioning your gender. Sometimes this makes people experience guilt, shame and fear.