Gambling Addiction

gambling addiction

Do you gamble to try to win back losses?
Do you lie about how much you gamble?
Is your gambling causing you financial problems?
Do you struggle to sleep because of your problems with gambling?
Are you concerned about an increase in your gambling behaviour?
Is your gambling having an impact on family and or relationships?

How we can help

What may have started as a ‘bit of fun’ can become compulsive behaviour for many different reasons.  Gambling is often a hidden addiction in that until the gambling addiction develops to an extreme state it is often undetected.  There are no physical identifiable signs as in the case of other addictions.  If you have concerns about this behaviour spiralling out of control and having a negative influence on your life we can support you.  

If your relationship with gambling is causing you concern, speaking confidentially to someone in a supportive and non-judgmental environment can be an excellent opportunity to explore what is going on and work towards change.

Gambling – Adults

Gambling addiction can impact both your professional and social life. An addicted gambler’s life is not based on reality but on avoiding reality. Some gamblers may have experienced other forms of trauma such as sexual abuse, domestic violence etc and therefore gambling can sometimes be seen as a form of escapism. Having to face the reality of underlying trauma can result in severe anxiety. 

We support you via a range of therapeutic methods and these are discussed with you after we have carried out an initial assessment.  Your treatment plan is developed with your needs and expectations at the forefront.  We believe that by building a transparent trusted partnership together you are enabled to take control and move forward.

Gambling – Young People

Acknowledgement of gambling addiction with young people can be problematic in that they tend not to recognise the signs and may deny having a problem. Quite often it will be friends and family that notice the signs.